Construction Management (CM) Documents

These documents are provided free of charge to provide education, enhance usability and delivery of the CCDC Construction Management contracts in BC. They are created by a joint committee which represents a cross section of CCDC contract users in the BC public sector.

Download this guide for information on how best to understand and use the Construction Management delivery methods for your projects.

The guide will help you and your organization:

  • Differentiate between the very different project delivery methods that use the label Construction Management.
  • Learn about the key factors to consider when choosing one of the construction management delivery methods.
  • Understand the differences between engaging a general contractor and a construction manager.
  • Identify important risk, indemnity, and insurance considerations for owners to understand between the different CM delivery methods.
  • Recognize key considerations when applying CCDC contract clauses.

The guide also provides:

  • Standardized Supplementary Conditions for use with CCDC-5A, CCDC-17, and CCDC-5B contracts.
  • Sample Project Specific Amendments for converting a CM Contract into a Stipulated Sum Contract.
  • Sample pricing sheets for use when procuring a Construction Manager.

And much, much more! Download your copy and sign up for updates today!

Construction Management Documents

The Construction Management documents require that you register for occasional updates before you download. Registration is a quick and easy process which allows us to serve you better. Please fill out the form below to access the documents for download.

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