BCDC 2-2022

The BC Documents Committee (BCDC) documents are standard documents and guidelines for stipulated price bids on publicly funded projects.

BCDC 2-2022 documents are used on a bid closing where hard-copy or electronic bid documents are to be submitted to an owner at a closing location.

BCDC documents are endorsed by AIBC, BCCA and ACEC-BC, with participation from the Ministry of Citizens’ Services.

Note: BC Documents Committee documents are protected by copyright and are made available for use on the express understanding that it will be used intact and unaltered. The documents available on this website are the only versions approved for use by the BC Documents Committee.

Construction Management

The purpose and intent of this guide is to provide the Construction community with information relating to the use of the construction management delivery methods and the CCDC standard contracts documents (CCDC 5A, CCDC 5B and CCDC 17) for construction management projects in both the private and public sectors.

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