BCDC 2-2022 Documents

The BCDC 2-2022 documents require that you register for occasional updates before you download. Registration is a quick and easy process which allows us to serve you better. Please fill out the form below to access the documents for download.

To help you navigate the new documents, access our education session recording here.

This education session recording will help you navigate the new BCDC 2-2022 documents.

BCDC 2-2022 Standard Documents

The BC Documents Committee (BCDC) documents are standard documents and guidelines for stipulated price bids on publicly funded projects. BCDC documents are endorsed by AIBC, BCCA and ACEC-BC, with participation from the Ministry of Citizens’ Services.

BC Documents Committee documents are protected by copyright and are made available for use on the express understanding that it will be used intact and unaltered. The documents available on this website are the only versions approved for use by the BC Documents Committee.

BCDC 2-2022 documents can be used on a bid closing where:

1. hard-copy paper bid documents are submitted to an owner at a physical closing location or
2. an online bidding system is used to submit bids to an owner.

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